Quite a night

Hello everyone

Yeah first i wanted to go out with my friends XD but somehow they all had something else to do -.- so i was out for a little walk

I bought some cigarettes (no i dont start smoking i just wanted to this night) then i walked up to my favorite outlook to enjoy the beatiful look of the city at night. I sat there really long and smoked some cigarettes also i thought about some thinks while enjoying the sight ^^ then i went back home .. this walk was about 2 hours XD so infact i can not call it little walk ^^' yeah but it still was great to walk in the moonlight and to have such a beatifull look *_* the rest of my cigarette i gave to some strangers XD because i dont realy smoke but at this moment i felt like...
Now i'm home to write this ^^

Somehow i realized that i'm a quite crazy guy ^^' somehow i'm realy broken inside but i dont know why .. i walked a long way untill now and many things happend in my life. I always tried to make others happy. Why? Because i felt happy when they were happy. But often they get sad so i did also.. I realized thats this is the best way to get happy. i think u should be happy when u are satisfied with your life and eveything else..
I had some people called "friends" some i left behind and some are still with me.. and one i banned from my life but i found him again and i'm really glad this happend. But inside i allways felt loney and weak and not happy.. something is broken becaus of many things. I walked through my life alone a long time..
But i found people.. special people, i get realy happy when i'm just arround them. I realy feel so alive when i'm just hanging arround with them. But thats not all .. these people realy care about me, even i hurt one of them reall hard he keeps stucking on me. they are so unbeliveable they notice when i feel sad or down they try to help me as much as they can.. they're realy great. we went trough good an bad times together and we're still friends. i think its realy great that u stick at somebody even if he had hurt you or you heard him thats real friendship. When i'm arround with this people i feel so alive.. People like that, that are people i realy call friends. A long time i thought no one ever understands me or can fix me, but i think , no i BELIVE they defenitly can do it. These people mean everything to me.. they are the most important thing in my life and i'm really lost without them! they give me power. Even i can only be with them a few times the year but the are really amazing and give me the feeling to be needed. When i'm with them i feel just so unbeliveable happy..

So i would just like to thank you my friends you are so great!! Sorry for making so much trouble to!!

Maybe this sounds a bit .. ehm strange. But i just realized that at my walk that they did so much for me. I know i'm not always easy to handle so thank you for taking care of my. I hope we will be together through the end of our lives!

So long i hope everyone who reads that takes me serious because i really am in that thing.

I still have a long way to go but with people like them on my side it will be easy and a great long journey.

So everyone fare well ^^

4.11.06 22:23

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Yuki (5.11.06 02:29)
Schatzi, seit wann schreibst du Beiträge auf englisch? ^^'
Nyo, ich hoff doch, dass es dir jetzt besser geht. Hab dich lieb *schmus*

SkiFlyer123 / Website (5.11.06 22:32)
omg...so viel englisch...ich verstehs nich, obwohl ich im englisch leistungskurs sitz XD

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